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Experiential learning

Learning through doing

We are a specialist boutique coaching organization that focuses on “in work learning”. This maybe one on one, small teams, project teams or whole organizations. Our goal is to ensure that learning is aligned to work practices in a timely, relevant and cost effective manor. We use proven techniques, tools and environmental experiences to make this happen.
Our coaching technique is core to this process.

and Team Coaching
in the
Organizational Learning experiences

What we do ?

We develop learning experiences that are based on the principles of the coaching process. All our learning sets are “in work” experiences that ensure learning takes place in the working context. Our experiences are developed around a clear ROI making them holistic and sustainable.

We want to make sure you spend time learning and delivering on your immediate developmental needs.

By using the coaching process we ensure that the learnings come from within. The tools, processes and environment are used to facilitate this whilst keeping the learner at the center of the process.

More Features

Our process for partnering with you :

Listening : The whole process starts from the very first time we interact with you. We listen intently to what you are saying, how you are saying it and what you might not be saying so that we can be as aligned and in harmony with you as possible.

Clarifying : We check back in with you to make sure we have heard you correctly and adjust where needed on both the delivery side as well as the measurement side.

Building : We put our knowledge and experience at your service by designing a full process to provoke your thinking further.

Innovating : We dialogue with you to make sure the design is aligned to your goals, vision, culture and learning style. It is often in this phase that we build something completely new together and it becomes “ours”. This may require a redesign. We also define clear measurement criteria so that you can calculate some ROI.


Delivery : We role our what we promised to do and make sure that we continue to listen to you and dialogue so that the experience continues to evolve as you do.

Feedback : At the end of each roll out we actively seek your feedback in every way possible. We then take that feedback and adjust and redesign again if necessary.

Measuring ROI : We prepare for you a report on how this appears to have added value to you through the criteria we have defined together. This may be a mix of anecdotal and objective data.

A method that allowed us to grow.EXPEL has been coaching worlwide companies since 2002.

Testimonial I

"David's breadth of knowledge and mastery of his profession was transformative for me. So much so, that I flew him halfway around the world to run a session for my team."

Patrick Canion, CEO ipac Western Australia
Testimonial II

David was able to see opportunities from a fresh perspective and offer us individual and team coaching.

Bastien Chesaux, CEO MACH Sàrl

Coaching is about developing solutions to enable you to grow in new and exciting ways, allowing you to allow yourself to go further, higher, faster, better.

Ready to align your learning to your immediate needs?

Explore our services and do not hesitate to contact us !


Individual executive coaching & corporate coaching programs

If you would like to explore how we might work together feel free to give us a call. If your hesitating we promise not to, chase you, hassle you, ask for details, add you to a global data base or try to get you to commit to anything. We just enjoy talking to people!

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